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This is a dedicated site for The Sims Freeplay game. Thousands of people every day looking for a lot of information to this game, for example, where to get more simoleons and lp. How to have a baby in the game. How to use the hack tool and whether it works at all? What’s new in the latest game update was introduced …
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Each of us started something new, everyone in life needs help. Support is something very important to everyone, but it is a game. We know what will be most important to you. A place where you can exchange with other players experience with the game. Tutorials on how to get more cash in the game. Our task will be to provide guides to the sims freeplay. With us you learn how to play the game and get the most pleasure from it. We invite you to check our social network pages on Facebook and other sites. You will find more people with whom you will be able to talk about the game.

Periodically time to time we will publish posts about this game. That is why it is worth to subscribe us to be up-to-date. The first article we have prepared for you today is the sims freeplay cheat. If you have trouble getting lots of simoleons and lifestyle points then read this article. You will learn within a couple of minutes how to make millions of money in the game. This guide is useful for beginners and advanced players. The method is available on all devices running android and ios. Another post will be a popular topic about sims freeplay hack tools. We will answer the most frequently asked questions. Does it work or should you use it? We will exchange all the pros and cons.

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Of course you will find posts on other topics here as well. These are the most popular for beginners players. For advanced we will prepare such guides as – how to make a baby in the sims freeplay. How to speed up the game time. How to have pets in the game.
We will publish various articles, all will relate to the game.
In the future, we will provide a complete guide for beginners that will contain all the most popular questions.

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