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working sims freeplay hack

It is safe to use sims freeplay hack ?

Many people wonder if it is safe at all? Can I use hack tools for games. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about sims free play hack tool. This post is created to help you decide whether to use the hack & cheats for the sims freeplay.

Does Sims Free play hack work?working hack

Of course – if you use a proven and working method. As you probably know, on the internet there are thousands of different methods that are designed to help you in the game. These are different applications – they are paid and there are also free methods. They have different features, for example, they work on mobile devices with ios and android. There are also a lot of applications that do not work, they can be even dangerous applications, so be careful what gets downloaded from the internet – very often we can hit the fake. To summarize, if you have a proven method it will certainly work. The most popular are online generators because you do not need to download anything, so they are safe for users.

Do I have to enter a password?

Of course not ! Remember, never give anyone a password to your account. The online generator we recommend only needs the username of your account or just email to connect to the system. If you care about your account security, avoid such solutions where a password is required.


Functions that guarantee safety

The hack tools authors introduce a number of different features that ensure the safety of using this method. What ensures undetectability and positive results?


This is a very important and required feature in any hack tool. If you want to generate safe simoleons and lp, you need to use a proxy. In this online generator, proxies are available for free (dedicated or shared).
What is it? Used to hide your IP address. Thanks to the proxy you get a unique IP address that changes every time you use the generator. This way you can often use the program without worrying that you will overuse it.

Anty bot system – verification

If the system detects suspicious activity, you will be asked to complete the verification. Often people or bots want to use the program as much as possible, thus slowing down the servers. This solution is intended to protect against program abuse.

Monthly tests

Every month a dozen or so people test online the generator in different ways. This is to detect errors and eliminate them. In the game, updates are often introduced. It is therefore important to check that everything is in good condition and that the generator is working properly. This way you are sure that this method is active.

Does it work on all devices?ios & android

Not all methods are recommended on each device. However, sims freeplay online hack generator which is recommended, supports ios and android systems. It is fully optimized for mobile devices. Also, you can easily use this method from your computer.

Is hacks are allowed in the game?

Officially speaking, no, but there is no particular control over how many people use the hack tools. Keep in mind that there are different types of game hacks. They are created by players who want to get faster money in the game. If you use the right methods, you can use them without any worries. Remember not to generate too much LP because it is suspicious.

How many LP & Simoleons can I addmoney hack

It’s up to you, but listen to our advice. Do not add as many thousands of LP per day. Simoleons can be generated as much as you want, but for safety reasons, generate a limited amount of LPs. This way you will be 100% undetectable in the game. Adding premium currency in more quantity is suspicious.

So if you need more money in the game then this is the solution for you. We know many people who have little time to play because they have many other responsibilities. However, this does not mean that they should stop playing. For such people there are hacks and cheat tools. These are solutions that will surely help them. Think – if you have a little time to play and want to use all of her capabilities, what are you doing? You are using an online generator that allows you to add unlimited number of lifestyle points and simoleons.
There are also players who are just bored of making money in the game and want to build a nice big house in the sims freeplay. Or just young players who do not have the money to buy LPs in the in-app store.
For all of you, there is an available hack tool for the sims freeplay. Safe and easy to use, see all information about sims freeplay hack tool.
I wish you a lot of fun!

Cheats, Guide

How to use sims freeplay cheats & benefits

Are you wondering if it is difficult or easy? Will you do or do you need a guide? For you we have posted a short entry and a guide to sims freeplay cheat.

How to start ?how to start

Click here, then find the red button labeled “use sims freeplay cheat”.
Click on it and you will be redirected to the online generator. This is a specially prepared generator that allows you to add simoleons and LP to your in-game account. Everything is described step by step what should be done. If you want to safely add money to the game, please follow the instructions.

Let’s get started!

Once you are on the generator page, you have a choice to start with the device you are using. Choose among android or ios operating system. Then under “username” enter your name from the game or just put your email here. This way the system will be able to connect with you in the game. And you can go on to the next step. When you have done everything positively go to step two. Here you have the opportunity to choose the number of simoleons and lifestyle points. Just move the slider to the corresponding amount for you. Then click generate.

At this point, the system connects to your game. After a while you will receive a message that everything has been successfully completed. It often happens that the system requires verification against bots. Then just do what you are asked to unlock access to lp & simoleons.
As you can see the whole method is easy and fast, just 5 minutes to add to your account in the sims freeplay tons of money.


  • Free LP – Generate unlimited amount of LPs ( Lifestyle Points ).
  • Free Simoleons – Generate infinite amount of simoleons ( money ).
  • Works with iOS & Android
  • Safe & Undetectable
  • Proxy support ( hide your original IP adress )

The above options guarantee that this is the best available cheat tool for the sims freeplay.
The method was tested many times before it was published. This way we have access to the best tool on the market.
Every month, volunteers check whether they are still effective and provide positive results.
There are many different methods on the internet, watch out for them. Most of them are fake so check back sooner. Online generator that we recommend is safe. You do not have to download it, it is available online for everyone without

Proxy is a great solution. Allows you to hide your IP address. This allows you to use the program every day without any restrictions. However, do not generate too much LP during the day. Add lifestyle points sensibly.

The best benefit is the time and money that you will save with this method. Why? Because collecting simoleons in the game requires a large amount of time. Of course you can use the in-app store however this is an expensive solution. If you want earn quickly a lot lps without any cheat tool just read this page about hobby – hobbies in the sims freeplay is a great way to earn a lot of money.
It is also a good way for people who have limited time to play and want to enjoy the full potential of the game.

how to use sims freeplay hack

How to use Sims Freeplay Hack & Benefits

Hello, today you will learn how to operate sims freeplay hack generator, learn now how to start.
Is it difficult and requires serious knowledge?online generator

How to start

Of course not, we start by clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the second page where you will find full information about this method. You will find, among other things, pictures showing how this method works, and the results of other players.
Find the button at the top of the page “online generator”, click on it and you will get access to the web based online generator for the sims freeplay. Your next step will be to enter your username from the game (if you do not remember, just type in your email), then select your operating system. You have the option of having an ios or an android depending on what device you have. Then click “connect” to connect to your account in the game.
Remember ! Never give out your passwords, this online generator does not require any passwords.

Simoleons & Lifestyle Points Hack Benefitslp & simoleons hack

At this point you have a choice of Lifestyle Points and Simoleons you want to generate for your account. In general, the quantities are unlimited – it means you can add as much as you want. However, due to the safety and risk of account lockout, generate a limited number of LPs (lifestyle points). This is a premium currency in a game that can be purchased in large quantities in an in-app store for real money. Therefore, it will be very suspicious if you generate a million lps (besides, you do not need that much). You only need to generate from a few hundred to even several thousand lp each day. This way your account will be 100% safe.
Once you’ve selected the amount you’re interested in, click generate. The system will automatically start a process that will prepare your account to receive the desired amount of money. After a few minutes you will receive confirmation that everything went well. At this point, refresh the game and enjoy the results.

It may also happen that the system will ask you for verification. This is a regular anti bot system that cares about the abuse of the method. Then follow the instructions to unlock access to your lp & simoleons.

This is all simply, quickly, and with the results. I encourage you to share this site with all your friends who play the sims freeplay.

safe cheat

It is safe to use sims freeplay cheats ?

Yes of course. There are methods in each game that allow you to modify the values in the game. This sim free play cheats method is safe on every device. It has many hidden solutions that allow you to safely use the device.
What do the authors of the game think of this solution? Cheats & Tricks are in game normal. A player who uses a cheat tool risks that he or she will get banned or restricted in the game. Or even lose an account.
However, people who come up with cheat tools for games are not stupid. There are many solutions that can be used safely online generators.


  • Simoleons cheat – Easly add up to million of the simoleons per day. Simoleons are very important in the game, you can use them to upgrade your house or buy new things like car etc.
  • LPs ( Lifestyle Points cheat – LP are more important than simoleons in the game. It’s hard to earn a lot of money without special cheat, this method allows you to generate up to 10.000 LPs per day. We don’t recommend add more lp & simoleons every day because it’s risky.
  • Access from anywhere – You can use this method from any place on the world. It doesn’t matter if you live in the USA or UK. Just open your browser, visit sfptips and enjoy with this online generator.
  • Works with every device – It’s fully optimized for every iOS & Android device.
  • Proxy support – If you use this program more than once per day, you must use proxy to get different ip adress. This is one of the solution to prevent from ban in the game.

Monthly tests are conducted by players who confirm the effects of this method. We receive a lot of photos and messages from players who use cheat for sims freeplay.

Why online generator?generator

For many reasons. First of all, it’s a safer form. Secondly, you do not have to download anything. Third, you have access to the generator at any time.

Often, people offer different programs on the internet that you have to download. This is very risky, you can often lose your account or become infected with the virus.
You are not sure where the file comes from and who owns it. That’s why today’s generators are very good today.
Their advantage is that they are safe and very easy to use. They do not require serious knowledge to start using it, everything is easy and intuitive.

All you need is your email or username to connect to your account. You then select the number of simoleons and LPs. The rest will take care of a system that provides security. Each player receives a unique IP address which ensures that you will be undetectable. Your real IP will be hidden by using our proxies. If you have problems with LP and simoleons in the game then I recommend to use sim freeplay cheats tool. You can try at any time.

money cheats
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About the Simoleons & LP in the Sims Freeplay


The Sims Freeplay has two important currency in the game. These are simoleons and Lifestyle Points. You can get them in many different ways, a few of the below. There are methods that allow you to get fast free lp and simoleons. There are also basic solutions, sending sims to work, garden or cooking. You can earn points by completing goals and many other methods.


This is the main currency in the game, you can get it by working or cooking. A dog or cat can also find them digging in the garden. You can earn them by collecting your earnings in the city. For your simoleons you can buy shops, houses, cars or furniture. You can buy for real money simoleons in in-app store.

Lifestyle Points ( LP or LPs )

lifestyle points lpThis is the second very important currency in the Sims freeplay game. This is a premium currency, it means it is harder to get. LPs allow you to buy premium items or speed up actions in the game. One way to get them is to buy them for real money in the in-app store. Another is watching videos or viewing offers. LP you can earn by doing hobbies in the game.

How to get more LP & Simoleons

There are many methods, but my task is to present to you the one that in my opinion is more effective. You have to try the sims free play money cheats which generate great effects. You will definitely like this method, you can also try sims freeplay hack tool. Both methods are generators that work on ios and android devices. You can use them to generate simoleons and lp for free.

Is it working ?

This is the most popular question, just have a look at google. Thousands of topics and pages on this subject. It will be best to check on youtue, people make videos where you can see how you can get more free lp & simoleons. There are many different methods. If you do not believe it works then check out the movies. Then read the user reviews. I wish you good luck in the game and millions of lp and simoleons!


Hobbies FAQ

Hobby – Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Can one sim have more than one hobby?

Unfortunately, sim can do only one hobby at any time.

Your sim can change your hobby.

But you have to know that when you change hobbies, the progress of your previous hobby will be lost. You will have to start again from the beginning. All prizes you have earned through the previous hobby will of course be with you. You do not have to be afraid to lose.

What happens to my hobby when sim grows up?

It depends on the hobby. If your sim can do the hobby in the next stage of life then it will still be a normal hobby. A simple example – if your teenager is able to cook, he or she will be able to continue doing so when he / she becomes an adult. But if there is no such situation then you will just have to choose a new hobby.

Should I do all the hobbies? I do not have a lot of sims.

It is best if you complete each hobby at least once. This is very useful in events where you need to do your hobbies to get rewards. When you have finished all your hobbies, you will not have to waste time finishing them. You will receive instant rewards in events. You can change hobbies to new ones or do them again when you finish your.

Why do I have to perform hobbies?

Because you get so many rewards. Free Simoleons, XP or increase your town value. You also get LPs when you level up. Another advantage is that you unlock new items. This is a great way to make money. Remember, however, that hobbies are not compulsory.

complete collectibles


Each time you complete a hobby, you will find Collectibles. To complete the hobby collection you need to find all the Collectibles. Also for every found, you get simoleons.

How to find Collectibles?
You must be at the highest level in your hobby. When you have level 4 for example you can then find collectibles from lower levels. Only one sim must have the highest level in the hobby to find all the collectibles.

Longer or shorter option?

Choose a shorter because there is a higher risk that you will find collectibles. The longer option does not guarantee that you will always find collectibles.lucky spin

All about Lucky Spin

This is a spin that gives you the opportunity to find the collectible, it costs you LP.

  • Open in Hobby.
  • Click the LP button on the left.
  • In this way new collectibles will appear in the row, there is no guarantee that any new or existing ones will appear.

Whether it is worth investing in a lucky spin LP depends on the situation. If you have a lot of LP then you can use it, but if you need them then it will be better to do hobby normally and collect collectibles.

How my sims can level up quicker ?

There are many options, one of them is to accelerate your hobby using LP. Another is choosing longer hobby options so your sim should level up faster.

When should I change my hobby?

I recommend doing this when you finish the collection. When you have the highest level of hobby, try to finish the collection to collect the prizes. Then you can change the hobby to the other, this is the most favorable option.

If you have any important questions in this category then write them here! Maybe you would like to read about the sims freeplay quests. On sfptips you will find many interesting entries.

the sims freeplay quests list

The Sims Freeplay Quests

This page lists the sims freeplay quests. Necessarily you need to complete the main quests in the game.
Remember that new quests can be added so you probably need to update your game.
Next very important information – all the quests I write are correct at the time of posting. This means that some parts of the quest may change over time. So please pay attention to me in the comments. This way I will be able to update the content.

The Sims Freeplay quests – worth the time?


Of course, for quests you get very interesting and valuable rewards. In many cases, a quest is required to unlock a very important game option, for example to have a child in the game you have to do a “two and half sims” quest. Also to unlock access to many places, such as islands – you must first complete the quest.
That’s why I say definitely – it’s worth it and even you have to do quests on sims freeplay.

the sims freeplay quests list

Main Quests List

Discovery Quests list


If you have any questions then go ahead and ask them here. I’m passionate about The Sims Freeplay, I’m trying to help all players. The game offers a lot of quests, help is handy for many players. Remember that the time it takes to complete a quest depends on many factors. There are quests that take a few hours, there are also some that require a few days to finish.
If you want to enjoy a lot of fun then you have to do quests in the sims freeplay.

Also check my other posts and pages. At you will find loads of interesting things about the sims freeplay. You will find here many guides, cheats, codes, secrets, etc …

pets guide sims freeplay
Guide, Pets, The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay Pet Farm Guide

Hello ! Today you will learn about the animals in the sims freeplay game. Would you like to know how to have a dog or a cat? You need to meet a few requirements, read more below.the sims freeplay pets

The Sims Freeplay guide to pets

Having pets in the game has many advantages. Your dog will dig in the garden, this way you will get simoleons and even sometimes lifestyle points. Another advantage is that your Sims will have the opportunity to play with animals, it is a great fun for them. Especially if you plan to have a family in the game (more about marriage and child in the sims freeplay). Below you will find a list of animals that you can adopt in the game. Remember that you can only have two pets in each house. You can buy pets from the pet store.

Dogs which you can buy



List of dogs you can buy and prices
LPs - Lifestyle Points
Poodle - (Olny when you completed the Puppy Pals hobby in the time limit)
1. Star DogGreyhound5 LPs
2. Star DogsGerman Shepherd
Golden Retriever
18 LPs
20 LPs
22 LPs
25 LPs
3. Star DogsHusky
Robo Dog
75 LPs
80 LPs
82 LPs

Dog Accessoriesoutfits

You can find them under pets in buy mode. Just touch the accessory for your pet when the dog is not busy then it will start playing with it. Animals often play with accessories without a command. Remember that food and water bowls must be replenished when they are empty.
Animal accessories are not mandatory. Most often they are decorative because they do not increase the happiness of your pet.

List of Dog Accessories with price

DIY Dog House
Dog Food Bowl
Dog Water Bowl
Mutts & Co. Kennel
Bone Abode
Foam-Guard Frisbee
Superglide Frisbee
Dog Chewtoy
Dog Bone

Tip – You can play Frisbee with your dog. To do this you have to buy frisbee in the shop, then click on it to get your sim started playing with the dog.

Your dog can have a hobby, just read my article about dog hobbies here.



You must complete A Puppy Odyssey quest to unlock puppies shop.
Poddle (if you completed the Puppy Pals hobby in the time limit)
1. Star PuppyGreyhoundS10,000
2. Star PuppiesGerman Shepherd
Golden Retriever
3. Star PuppiesHusky
Robo Dog

Puppies have the same accessories as a dog. Puppies also have a hobby, you have to do Puppy Pals quest. (Remember that you must have Puppy Odyssey quest before)

Cats which you can buy

the sims freeplay cats

List of Cats you can buy
LPs - Lifestyle Points
Persian (must have the Internet Kitten hobby)
1. Star CatBritish Shorthair6LPs
2. Star CatsMaine Coon
Domestic Black
3. Star CatsBengal
Bejeweled Blitz’s Anchovy

Cat Accessories

cat accessories

They are in “buy mode” just below the pets. As with dog accessories, just touch the toy to make your cat enjoy it. Often cats are playing without your command. The cat’s water bowl must be replenished. You can add a new bowl from the store or give a command for sim to complete it. Cats without your toys are happy, they mainly serve as decoration. Therefore, you don’t need to buy animal accessories. Cats also have their hobby, but you will learn more about it in another post.

List of Cat & Kittens Accessories

Antique Cat Bed
Scrawny Cat Bowl
Scratching Post
Pampered Cat Bowl
Kitty Scratchin’ Post
Purr-fect Cat Bed
Princess Kitty’s Cat Bowl
Lapcat Scratching Post
Le Luxury Royale


You must complete the A Puppy Odyssey quest to unlock
kittens shop and the Internet Kitten Hobby
Persian ( must have complete the Internet Kitten hobby)
1. Star KittenBritish ShorthairS10,000
2. Star KittensMaine Coon
Domestic Black
3. Start KittensBengal
Bejeweled Blitz’s Anchovy


Collecting treasure using cats and dog

Dog can dig up simoleos or lp, Cat can pounce on simoleons or LPs. The bigger the star rating of a dog or cat the more money they should find. Kittens and Puppies can’t find treasure

Ageing Kittens & Puppies

By clicking on kittens or puppies you will see one interesting option, “Age to Adult”. You have to bake birthday biscuits on a stove – it takes one day and costs 15 Lifestyle Points. At any time you can change the name for your pet. Just select a specific pet and click rename. You can also change the location of your pet, simply click on it and then “relocate”. This way you can move your pet to another home.

Happiness bar

This is the indicator that shows how your pet feels. Remember that the less they are satisfied the slower they move and finds less treasure. For your cat or dog to be happy you need to click on the pet and make a command with a smiling face. These are the different commands that are pleasing to the pets. If for some reason you want to remove the pet, you can give it up for adoption. For example, click on cat, click relocate and select the first option, “Put up for adoption”.sims freeplay rabbits

New, you can also buy rabbit in the sims freeplay. Take a look at the table below to find out more. You will find them below “pets” in buy mode.


1. Star RabbitsS15,000
2. Star Rabbit20LPs
3. Star Rabbit30LPs

Babies & Toddlers cannot talk to rabbits. Of course they don’t find simoleons and lifestyle points like cats or dogs.

money cheat

As you can see, pets and accessories are expensive. If you are looking for method to get more simoleons then I suggest you to try this cheat, and if you need more lifestyle points just check this hack guide.

Important information is that the pets don’t die in the game, even if they are unhappy. There are other animals, but you will find them in another post, because you need to unlock them by doing quests. That’s all ! I wish to have fun with animals and I invite you to read other posts on my blog.

Baby, Guide, Marriage, The Sims Freeplay

The Sims Freeplay – Babies and Marriage

Hello ! Today I would like to write about two things. How to get married in the game and how to have a baby. On my blog you will also find a lot of other interesting information that you will surely need in the game. I invite you to read, especially players who are just starting their adventure with this game.  Let’s start with the marriage, this is required if you want to have a baby in sims freeplay. These are the basic steps that every player has to do, everything is simple so don’t worry about anything.sims freeplay marriage

Getting married in Sims Freeplay

For starters, if you want to get married in the game you must have a minimum of 10 levels. Then progress through the goals to see “Get Engaged”. Once you’ve suggested for your partner to be together and live together, you have to fulfill the new steps.
You need to continually improve your relationship with your partner. To do this you just have to do a lot of different tasks in the game. You will then be in romantic relationships. After a long time, you will see improved relationships, and you will be able to change them for even better. You will see the “Propose Marriage” options. If you decide to marry you need to meet the next important steps.

love is in the air quest

Firstly, make sure the quality of your relationships is strong. Then buy the ring, remember that you can only use it once. There is a risk that your marriage proposal will be rejected. To avoid this risk, you must buy a very expensive ring. If you do not succeed the first time, just buy a more expensive ring the second time. If you still have a problem then I found a guide for you with more photos step by step. Also if you need more money to buy expensive ring just read this sims free play cheats guide.sims freeplay baby

How to get sims freeplay baby

First, you need to unlock the Children’s Store on the town map. Once you are officially married in the game, you can enlarge your family! You have to buy a crib from the store, then touch the crib and start the process of creating a child. Remember that the more expensive crib, the faster baby will come into the world. Once the whole process is over, you will be able to click in the crib again to Customize Your Sim baby.

Add new baby

You need to level up to unlock the ability to add another sim. Then you have to buy another crib in build mode. If you have reached the maximum number of sims, you can remove any one from the “create-sim” menu. Make sure your sim is married and that you have at least one adult at home.

How to grow baby into a toddler?

Just arranged a birthday party. You must first bake a birthday cake. When it’s ready, touch it and organize the party. You must have a minimum of level 11 in the game. When you click on “Have Birthday”, your sim will grow into a toddler!sims freeplay unlimited money hack

Extra tip from SFP Tips !

Everything in the game is expensive, I know very well how much time it takes to make money. If you have problems with simoleons and lifestyle points then you can use the sims freeplay hack method. This is helpful when you want to buy a more expensive wedding ring or crib in the game.

This is all about this topic, I’m inviting you to check out my other posts here on my blog. If you are a fan of the sims freeplay game, you will definitely find here many interesting topics.