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The Sims Freeplay – Babies and Marriage

Hello ! Today I would like to write about two things. How to get married in the game and how to have a baby. On my blog you will also find a lot of other interesting information that you will surely need in the game. I invite you to read, especially players who are just starting their adventure with this game.  Let’s start with the marriage, this is required if you want to have a baby in sims freeplay. These are the basic steps that every player has to do, everything is simple so don’t worry about anything.sims freeplay marriage

Getting married in Sims Freeplay

For starters, if you want to get married in the game you must have a minimum of 10 levels. Then progress through the goals to see “Get Engaged”. Once you’ve suggested for your partner to be together and live together, you have to fulfill the new steps.
You need to continually improve your relationship with your partner. To do this you just have to do a lot of different tasks in the game. You will then be in romantic relationships. After a long time, you will see improved relationships, and you will be able to change them for even better. You will see the “Propose Marriage” options. If you decide to marry you need to meet the next important steps.

love is in the air quest

Firstly, make sure the quality of your relationships is strong. Then buy the ring, remember that you can only use it once. There is a risk that your marriage proposal will be rejected. To avoid this risk, you must buy a very expensive ring. If you do not succeed the first time, just buy a more expensive ring the second time. If you still have a problem then I found a guide for you with more photos step by step. Also if you need more money to buy expensive ring just read this sims free play cheats guide.sims freeplay baby

How to get sims freeplay baby

First, you need to unlock the Children’s Store on the town map. Once you are officially married in the game, you can enlarge your family! You have to buy a crib from the store, then touch the crib and start the process of creating a child. Remember that the more expensive crib, the faster baby will come into the world. Once the whole process is over, you will be able to click in the crib again to Customize Your Sim baby.

Add new baby

You need to level up to unlock the ability to add another sim. Then you have to buy another crib in build mode. If you have reached the maximum number of sims, you can remove any one from the “create-sim” menu. Make sure your sim is married and that you have at least one adult at home.

How to grow baby into a toddler?

Just arranged a birthday party. You must first bake a birthday cake. When it’s ready, touch it and organize the party. You must have a minimum of level 11 in the game. When you click on “Have Birthday”, your sim will grow into a toddler!sims freeplay unlimited money hack

Extra tip from SFP Tips !

Everything in the game is expensive, I know very well how much time it takes to make money. If you have problems with simoleons and lifestyle points then you can use the sims freeplay hack method. This is helpful when you want to buy a more expensive wedding ring or crib in the game.

This is all about this topic, I’m inviting you to check out my other posts here on my blog. If you are a fan of the sims freeplay game, you will definitely find here many interesting topics.