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Hobby – Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Can one sim have more than one hobby?

Unfortunately, sim can do only one hobby at any time.

Your sim can change your hobby.

But you have to know that when you change hobbies, the progress of your previous hobby will be lost. You will have to start again from the beginning. All prizes you have earned through the previous hobby will of course be with you. You do not have to be afraid to lose.

What happens to my hobby when sim grows up?

It depends on the hobby. If your sim can do the hobby in the next stage of life then it will still be a normal hobby. A simple example – if your teenager is able to cook, he or she will be able to continue doing so when he / she becomes an adult. But if there is no such situation then you will just have to choose a new hobby.

Should I do all the hobbies? I do not have a lot of sims.

It is best if you complete each hobby at least once. This is very useful in events where you need to do your hobbies to get rewards. When you have finished all your hobbies, you will not have to waste time finishing them. You will receive instant rewards in events. You can change hobbies to new ones or do them again when you finish your.

Why do I have to perform hobbies?

Because you get so many rewards. Free Simoleons, XP or increase your town value. You also get LPs when you level up. Another advantage is that you unlock new items. This is a great way to make money. Remember, however, that hobbies are not compulsory.

complete collectibles


Each time you complete a hobby, you will find Collectibles. To complete the hobby collection you need to find all the Collectibles. Also for every found, you get simoleons.

How to find Collectibles?
You must be at the highest level in your hobby. When you have level 4 for example you can then find collectibles from lower levels. Only one sim must have the highest level in the hobby to find all the collectibles.

Longer or shorter option?

Choose a shorter because there is a higher risk that you will find collectibles. The longer option does not guarantee that you will always find collectibles.lucky spin

All about Lucky Spin

This is a spin that gives you the opportunity to find the collectible, it costs you LP.

  • Open in Hobby.
  • Click the LP button on the left.
  • In this way new collectibles will appear in the row, there is no guarantee that any new or existing ones will appear.

Whether it is worth investing in a lucky spin LP depends on the situation. If you have a lot of LP then you can use it, but if you need them then it will be better to do hobby normally and collect collectibles.

How my sims can level up quicker ?

There are many options, one of them is to accelerate your hobby using LP. Another is choosing longer hobby options so your sim should level up faster.

When should I change my hobby?

I recommend doing this when you finish the collection. When you have the highest level of hobby, try to finish the collection to collect the prizes. Then you can change the hobby to the other, this is the most favorable option.

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