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the sims freeplay quests list

The Sims Freeplay Quests

This page lists the sims freeplay quests. Necessarily you need to complete the main quests in the game.
Remember that new quests can be added so you probably need to update your game.
Next very important information – all the quests I write are correct at the time of posting. This means that some parts of the quest may change over time. So please pay attention to me in the comments. This way I will be able to update the content.

The Sims Freeplay quests – worth the time?


Of course, for quests you get very interesting and valuable rewards. In many cases, a quest is required to unlock a very important game option, for example to have a child in the game you have to do a “two and half sims” quest. Also to unlock access to many places, such as islands – you must first complete the quest.
That’s why I say definitely – it’s worth it and even you have to do quests on sims freeplay.

the sims freeplay quests list

Main Quests List

Discovery Quests list


If you have any questions then go ahead and ask them here. I’m passionate about The Sims Freeplay, I’m trying to help all players. The game offers a lot of quests, help is handy for many players. Remember that the time it takes to complete a quest depends on many factors. There are quests that take a few hours, there are also some that require a few days to finish.
If you want to enjoy a lot of fun then you have to do quests in the sims freeplay.

Also check my other posts and pages. At you will find loads of interesting things about the sims freeplay. You will find here many guides, cheats, codes, secrets, etc …