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It is safe to use sims freeplay cheats ?

Yes of course. There are methods in each game that allow you to modify the values in the game. This sim free play cheats method is safe on every device. It has many hidden solutions that allow you to safely use the device.
What do the authors of the game think of this solution? Cheats & Tricks are in game normal. A player who uses a cheat tool risks that he or she will get banned or restricted in the game. Or even lose an account.
However, people who come up with cheat tools for games are not stupid. There are many solutions that can be used safely online generators.


  • Simoleons cheat – Easly add up to million of the simoleons per day. Simoleons are very important in the game, you can use them to upgrade your house or buy new things like car etc.
  • LPs ( Lifestyle Points cheat – LP are more important than simoleons in the game. It’s hard to earn a lot of money without special cheat, this method allows you to generate up to 10.000 LPs per day. We don’t recommend add more lp & simoleons every day because it’s risky.
  • Access from anywhere – You can use this method from any place on the world. It doesn’t matter if you live in the USA or UK. Just open your browser, visit sfptips and enjoy with this online generator.
  • Works with every device – It’s fully optimized for every iOS & Android device.
  • Proxy support – If you use this program more than once per day, you must use proxy to get different ip adress. This is one of the solution to prevent from ban in the game.

Monthly tests are conducted by players who confirm the effects of this method. We receive a lot of photos and messages from players who use cheat for sims freeplay.

Why online generator?generator

For many reasons. First of all, it’s a safer form. Secondly, you do not have to download anything. Third, you have access to the generator at any time.

Often, people offer different programs on the internet that you have to download. This is very risky, you can often lose your account or become infected with the virus.
You are not sure where the file comes from and who owns it. That’s why today’s generators are very good today.
Their advantage is that they are safe and very easy to use. They do not require serious knowledge to start using it, everything is easy and intuitive.

All you need is your email or username to connect to your account. You then select the number of simoleons and LPs. The rest will take care of a system that provides security. Each player receives a unique IP address which ensures that you will be undetectable. Your real IP will be hidden by using our proxies. If you have problems with LP and simoleons in the game then I recommend to use sim freeplay cheats tool. You can try at any time.

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