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About the Simoleons & LP in the Sims Freeplay


The Sims Freeplay has two important currency in the game. These are simoleons and Lifestyle Points. You can get them in many different ways, a few of the below. There are methods that allow you to get fast free lp and simoleons. There are also basic solutions, sending sims to work, garden or cooking. You can earn points by completing goals and many other methods.


This is the main currency in the game, you can get it by working or cooking. A dog or cat can also find them digging in the garden. You can earn them by collecting your earnings in the city. For your simoleons you can buy shops, houses, cars or furniture. You can buy for real money simoleons in in-app store.

Lifestyle Points ( LP or LPs )

lifestyle points lpThis is the second very important currency in the Sims freeplay game. This is a premium currency, it means it is harder to get. LPs allow you to buy premium items or speed up actions in the game. One way to get them is to buy them for real money in the in-app store. Another is watching videos or viewing offers. LP you can earn by doing hobbies in the game.

How to get more LP & Simoleons

There are many methods, but my task is to present to you the one that in my opinion is more effective. You have to try the sims free play money cheats which generate great effects. You will definitely like this method, you can also try sims freeplay hack tool. Both methods are generators that work on ios and android devices. You can use them to generate simoleons and lp for free.

Is it working ?

This is the most popular question, just have a look at google. Thousands of topics and pages on this subject. It will be best to check on youtue, people make videos where you can see how you can get more free lp & simoleons. There are many different methods. If you do not believe it works then check out the movies. Then read the user reviews. I wish you good luck in the game and millions of lp and simoleons!

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