how to use sims freeplay hack

How to use Sims Freeplay Hack & Benefits

Hello, today you will learn how to operate sims freeplay hack generator, learn now how to start.
Is it difficult and requires serious knowledge?online generator

How to start

Of course not, we start by clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the second page where you will find full information about this method. You will find, among other things, pictures showing how this method works, and the results of other players.
Find the button at the top of the page “online generator”, click on it and you will get access to the web based online generator for the sims freeplay. Your next step will be to enter your username from the game (if you do not remember, just type in your email), then select your operating system. You have the option of having an ios or an android depending on what device you have. Then click “connect” to connect to your account in the game.
Remember ! Never give out your passwords, this online generator does not require any passwords.

Simoleons & Lifestyle Points Hack Benefitslp & simoleons hack

At this point you have a choice of Lifestyle Points and Simoleons you want to generate for your account. In general, the quantities are unlimited – it means you can add as much as you want. However, due to the safety and risk of account lockout, generate a limited number of LPs (lifestyle points). This is a premium currency in a game that can be purchased in large quantities in an in-app store for real money. Therefore, it will be very suspicious if you generate a million lps (besides, you do not need that much). You only need to generate from a few hundred to even several thousand lp each day. This way your account will be 100% safe.
Once you’ve selected the amount you’re interested in, click generate. The system will automatically start a process that will prepare your account to receive the desired amount of money. After a few minutes you will receive confirmation that everything went well. At this point, refresh the game and enjoy the results.

It may also happen that the system will ask you for verification. This is a regular anti bot system that cares about the abuse of the method. Then follow the instructions to unlock access to your lp & simoleons.

This is all simply, quickly, and with the results. I encourage you to share this site with all your friends who play the sims freeplay.

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